About Me

If I’m coming to your wedding, you may want to know a little bit about me. 
Born in Birmingham, raised in Devon – I now reside in a small village in Hertfordshire with my amazing wife Kelly, and my daughter and most favourite little human in the world Emily. As I hope you have picked up by now, I’m a Hertfordshire wedding photographer who likes to keep things natural and relaxed. I shoot weddings across the UK, and further afield as a destination wedding photographer. 
I came to be a professional photographer via a career in technical sales, which, quite frankly, was just not as much fun as photography. 
I chose to become a wedding photographer because it allows me to combine three of my favourite pastimes, people watching, partying, and getting to know awesome people like you and your partner. Add travel in to the mix with destination weddings, and its just about the perfect job for me. 
I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the very best photographers in the industry, and I’ve had my work featured on a number of national wedding photography blogs. More about this over on my own blog. 
I love nothing more that working with fun, laidback couples who want their wedding photographed in an authentic and unobtrusive way. 

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