Sean is professional in his approach, sensitive to your every need (both bride and groom) and an amazing photographer
— Laura & Gareth

It all starts with a chat:

I want you to be sure that I’m the right photographer for you and your partner. I want you to be so relaxed that you forget I’m there. This is when the magic happens! It’s important that we take the time to talk to each other before you choose me as your photographer. I’d love to know more about you both, and to understand what is important in the photography of your day. You can get to know me too, and I hope this will help to reassure you that I’ll be good to have around you and your loved ones on the big day! We can call, Skype or meet for a Coffee (my treat), whatever works best for you. 


Actions, Reactions, Friends & Family

From the second I arrive full of caffeine in the morning, until the last shot of the day as you leave your reception, I’ll be continuously watching for the next amazing moment. My job is to capture the big events between you and your partner, and of course I’ll ensure these are recorded creatively as they happen. I’ll also record the little moments that you will miss on your day. The reactions of your guests, the laughter, and the tears. Lot’s of the couples I have worked with have said that they treasure these shots most when they look back over their images. I call these the in-between moments – and I love them. I hope you will too. 


Did somebody say group shots?

If you have read this far, then hopefully you like my natural and unobtrusive approach to photographing weddings. And that’s how I work best. However, I know it can be important to have some more formal shots during the day too. My Nan nearly had a meltdown when I suggested that my (now) wife and I were not having the traditional ‘group shots’ at our wedding! So, we included a few to keep her on side!
If you would like some of these shots during your day – I’m more than happy to shoot them. I’ll work with your guests to keep this process fun (I’ve been known to give a bottle of bubbly to the guest who made me laugh the most during the group shots!) and I won’t obsess if everybody is not perfectly aligned. 



Couple Portraits – Naturally

I think it’s awesome to have 20 minutes or so away from the rest of your guests, so you can catch your breath. We can find a nice quiet spot and I’ll just ask you to stand or sit together and do whatever comes naturally. I’m certainly not going to pose you, or ask you to place this hand here etc. I’ll take a few shots as you and your partner laugh, cry, talk or jump up and down with joy. Then it’s back to enjoying your day with your loved ones.  


It's All About The Dancing

I love a good party! And this is probably why I love to capture the energy of the dance-floor so much. I use a couple of discreet off camera flash units to ensure I can capture awesome images in super low light (It’s the only time I will use any lighting during your day). I’ll be right in the middle of the action as your nearest and dearest pull shapes through the night. I’ll be the last one to leave. 
If this floats your boat, why not check my availability...