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Why should you choose Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Sean Wood....

A Relaxed, Informal Style:

Lot's of photographers describe their style as fitting into a specific genre of photography. You will hear terms like documentary, reportage, fine art, contemporary etc. I find it difficult to define my approach to fit neatly with any of these terms as I will use elements from each as I work to cover your wedding. I think the best broad description of my approach is relaxed and informal. I work as unobtrusively as possible to capture the real key moments as they happen, without offering any instruction or direction. I won't pose you, and I wont ask you to do anything that would take away from the natrual flow of your day.

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You Will Forget I'm There:

I want you and your partner to be as relaxed as you can be, as this will ensure you are focused on living and breathing every second of your wedding day. To achieve this the work starts well before the wedding day itself. I'll chat to you lots over the phone and via Skype in the lead up to the wedding, and I'll make sure we have had time to meet up for a coffee and cake! This really helps for you to get to know me so I'm not a stranger when your big day comes around.

I recently received some lovely feedback from Colette, who's wedding I photographed in Croatia last summer (I'm not just a Hertfordshire wedding photographer!) where she said 'I usually hate having my photo taken, so was dreading my wedding photos. However, Sean completely put me at ease and made the whole process so relaxed that I actually enjoyed every minute!'  And it was this line that made me realise that the key to capturing the most amazing, emotion filled images is to ensure you are 100% comfortable with me being there. So that's what I try to achieve. 

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Action, Reaction's, Friends & Family:

From the second I arrive in the morning until the very last shot of the day, I'm always thinking about creatively capturing the next image. Where my approach differs slightly to the more traditional wedding photographer is in how I always strive to capture the reactions of your friends and family, as well as capturing the action as it unfolds. I'm always waiting for the look, the laughter and the tears from your guests - the people who you have chosen to share your day with. For me, these images are so important in telling the story of your day alongside the images of you and your partner. I love the little in-between moments that happen around the main events. You won't see these precious moments on the day, but my hope is that you will love looking back on them for years to come. 

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I Love to Capture The Emotion Of The Day:

Weddings by their very nature are emotional occasions. You have assembled a group of people who mean the world to you (and you to them) to share in one of the most amazing days of your life. It's a day when you and your partner make a lifelong commitment to love and care for each other..and that's emotional! Aside from this there are so many other dynamics to the day which can all bring their own different emotions. I'm an avid people watcher, and I really try to understand the dynamics of the relationships between you and your loved ones, so I can be ready in situations where emotions will be ruining high - and capture them for you. I won't shy away from this, because it's precious. 

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I'm All About The Dancing:

I love a good party! And this is probably why I love to capture the energy of the dance-floor so much. Once the formalities of the day are done, It's onto the dance-floor for some fun! I use a couple of discreet off camera flash units to ensure I can capture awesome images in super low light, and this is the only time you will see me setting up any lighting on your wedding day, I use natural light everywhere else. I'll also use some flash techniques to capture the motion and movement as your nearest and dearest pull shapes through the night! I'll be right in the middle of it all, and I'll be the last one to leave! 

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Did Somebody Say Group Shots?:

My approach to photographing your day is all about being as natural and unobtrusive as possible, and taking the more formal group shots kind of goes against this, but I know they are an important part of the day for a lot of people - and I'm more than happy to shoot them. I still want to do this is an informal and fun way, and I don't want to interrupt the flow of your day by taking shot after shot of every family combination possible! I'm not going to be obsessive over the details here, as long as the people you want are in the shot together, and they are all looking in my direction, then I'll shoot away! I'm not going to ask that your are all perfectly aligned, or standing perfectly still whilst I take an age to 'compose' the image. I'll group you together with your loved ones, shoot a few frames and have some fun, then it's on with the rest of your day! 

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Couple Portraits:

Your wedding day will move so quickly, it's hard to stand back and take it all in. This is why I think it's awesome to have 20 minutes or so away from the rest of your guests so that just the two of you can take some time out to catch your breath! We can find a nice spot, and I'll just ask you to stand or sit together and do whatever comes naturally! I'm certainly not going to pose you, or ask you to place this hand here, or put that leg there. There will be absolutely no props, or staged shots. Just you and your partner laughing, crying, dancing - whatever comes naturally! 

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That's A Wrap:

So that's how I'd approach your wedding day. I'm there to capture the real moments, naturally. No direction and no posing, just discreetly capturing the energy, fun, love and emotion as it happens throughout your day. With every single wedding I shoot, my aim is always the same - to create a set of amazing images that bring you back to your wedding day every time you view them, and to do this in an honest and natural way. 

This process starts well before your big day. I want you to view me as an extra guest at your wedding, somebody who add's a little something by being there. I want you to relax, and just do you. I'll do the rest. I get to spend an amazing day with you and your family, sharing in something that you will remember forever. And at the end of it, I get to present you with a set of images to ensure you can relive those moments forever - and that is awesome. 

If you are getting married, and would like to check my availability, please just contact me and we can have a chat!